Lybera is a hygienic cup

Lybera is the first hygienic cup to be produced in Italy, exclusively for the very best pharmacies and parapharmacies.

It is made from entirely hypoallergenic material, suited to all women, even with the most sensitive skin. Its task is to collect, rather than absorb, the menstrual flow. It will give you greater peace-of-mind when you have your period… apart from the stomach ache, you’ll forget all about it!

How to choose

In this section, we will help you choose the size of Lybera that best fits you.

The choice of size is an essential time for the correct, optimal use of the cup: an incorrect size may compromise its correct function. Let’s take a look at the details. Lybera is currently available in two different “sizes”: “size 1” and “size 2”. Alongside the table, an illustration is given of the breakdown of sizes according to two variables: a) age; and b) natural births or c-section deliveries. As can be seen from the table, for women aged under 30 years old, who have NEVER delivered a child naturally, we recommend using “size 1”. For all women over 30 years old or for all women who have given birth naturally to one or more children, we recommend using “size 2”. Clearly, the data given in the table is approximate, there are no general rules that are valid for all women, as each woman has their own, unique structure.

**There will be women, in fact, who despite having had children or being aged over 30 years old, have a very trained pelvic floor or simply a natural conformation that means that they will in any case be comfortable with “size 1” or, by contrast, other women who even at the age of 25 will be perfectly comfortable with “size 2”. **

The choice of size should NOT be made considering the capacity of the cup with respect to the menstrual flow, but rather in terms of assessing a perfect adhesion to the vaginal walls. If it is too large, it risks not opening fully and thereby leaking, but nor must it be too small. Lybera should be imperceptible and stable. Only then can you be sure of having found your ideal cup!

How it works


Before first use, Lybera needs to be sterilised: simply boil a little water in a pan and leave it to boil for about 5 minutes, ensuring that the water does not all boil away in the meantime. Once this procedure is complete, Lybera is ready for use; you can then choose how often to sterilise it after this.

It is not necessary to sterilise the cup every time it is emptied and reinserted, since the internal part of the vagina is NOT sterile.


Wash your hands carefully before inserting Lybera.
Start by choosing the most comfortable position (squatting, sitting, kneeling, standing, raising one leg…). You will only find the most comfortable position with time and with a bit of practice! We suggest two “folding” methods for inserting Lybera. (Fig. 1-2, 3-4-5).
It may be easier to insert the cup by first wetting Lybera with water or using a water-based lubricant, although lubrication by the menstrual fluid present in the vagina is usually sufficient.
N.B.: it is important to relax as much as possible during this phase, particularly the first few times you use Lybera. After folding it, grip the bottom of the cup firmly between your fingers, as low down as possible, and insert it carefully in the vagina
(taking care with long fingernails).

Insert Lybera until the body of the cup and the stem are completely inside the vagina. Please remember that the stem must be completely inside the vagina and must NOT stick out (Fig. 10). The stem may be too long for many women and a small part may protrude from the vagina, which could cause discomfort, itching
or a stinging sensation. In this case, remove Lybera, cut off the surplus part of the stem using scissors and then reinsert it. Some women prefer to cut it off completely. As you will see below, the stem is not essential for removing the cup. Once inserted, the cup immediately returns to its normal shape and you should feel a small “bump”, which indicates that the cup has opened and is correctly positioned; if you want to be sure, insert Lybera and then run your index finger around its entire circumference (Fig. 6): this will assist entry of air inside it and the folded sides will automatically return to the correct shape (Fig. 7).
N.B.: if the cup is not firmly positioned, you have probably chosen a size which is too small. On the contrary, if you discover with your finger that the upper part of the cup is not completely open in its original shape, you may have chosen a size which is too large. It is important to use the right size to avoid leakage.

How to remove Lybera

Lybera may be worn for up to 12 hours. Depending on menstrual flow and the day of your cycle, it may obviously be necessary to empty Lybera with different frequency. Every woman should initially test Lybera with their own flow, since using the tampons or sanitary towels used until now as a yardstick would give an incorrect result. With Lybera, you will discover how little blood is actually lost compared with the sensation felt with tampons or sanitary towels and how fewer times it will be necessary to go to the bathroom and “change” it. Always wash your hands thoroughly. As for insertion, after choosing the most comfortable position for removal (if you squat, the vagina shortens and removal is easier), press on the base of the cup with two fingers, FIG. 8, to widen the micro-holes beneath the edge and thereby eliminate the “vacuum” effect or the air vacuum by inserting your finger alongside the cup. Removal may be further assisted by pushing downwards with the pelvic muscle. N.B.: it is important to relax as much as possible during this phase, particularly during the first few times you use Lybera.

How to conserve Lybera

Simply wash Lybera with water and personal hygiene soap. Remember to rinse it thoroughly to avoid uncomfortable soreness. If the micro-holes are blocked, unblock them using a brush or sterilised needle. After cleaning, place the cup in the special transpiring cotton bag to avoid contamination.